SmartLeash®- FAQs

How is SmartLeash different from a standard retractable leash?

SmartLeash operates like any other retractable leash until your dog tries to run or bolt from you -- then SmartLeash quickly and safely stops the leash from extending farther. A quiet click is heard when the leash activates automatically. SmartLeash stays locked until your pet releases tension on the leash. You can always push the brake button until it clicks to lock or unlock the leash manually, just like a standard retractable leash.

How can I use the automatic brake to bring my dog closer? 

If you pull back on the leash by swinging your arm back, the automatic brake will lock, temporarily locking the leash without you touching the brake button. If you do this repeatedly, you can use this feature to bring your dog closer to you. It's much more convenient than locking and unlocking the leash using the manual (thumb) brake. Try it! 

How quickly does SmartLeash automatically react?   

It depends how fast your dog tries to run! Generally SmartLeash will stop your dog within about 18 inches, much sooner than most people can react using a standard retractable leash. 

After my SmartLeash stops my dog, what should I do?

As long as your dog keeps tension on the leash it will stay locked. When your dog releases the tension, your SmartLeash will instantly and automatically reset itself, ready to activate again. You can keep the leash locked by pushing the thumb button until it clicks.

Will stopping my dog quickly hurt him or her?

SmartLeash stops your dog more quickly than a person can react so your pet doesn’t gain enough speed to become injured. It’s much safer than stopping a standard retractable after the dog has covered some distance and gained speed.

My dog isn’t well trained and he takes off frequently, is SmartLeash appropriate for him?

SmartLeash is not a substitute for proper obedience training but will reinforce that your pet should not try to chase or run without your permission.

Can I use SmartLeash with my puppy?

Yes! Experience with puppies has shown that puppies quickly learn they cannot bolt or run from you on SmartLeash and modify their behavior fairly quickly.

Why do only the medium and large feature the bungee on the end of the leash?

A smaller dog doesn't generate enough force to extend the bungee so it would serve no purpose. A very small dog will find it more of a nusance than a help.