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About Us

 SmartLeash solves the problem inherent in all other retractable leashes - the suddenly running dog. I invented SmartLeash for my Beagle mix Charlie, who would chase after anything and anyone. I loved the freedom a retractable gave us - allowing her to wander in the park but shortening the leash when needed. 

If you've used a retractable you know that if the leash isn't locked and you're not instantly on the brake button, your pet can quickly move away from you. The patented automatic brake in SmartLeash solves this problem. 

Keeping the safety of you and your best friend in mind, I put reflective yellow tape in every SmartLeash - no ropes, no dark colors. And every SmartLeash comes with a detachable wriststrap, which I really really recommend using all the time! 

Many users have contacted me and made suggestions to improve SmartLeash and now in the our 4th year many of those improvements have been incorporated into the latest SmartLeash. Keep your comments coming - we love hearing from you! 

Joe Ek 

Inventor, The SmartLeash