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SmartLeash solves the problem with all other retractable leads- The suddenly running dog. The world's first and only retractable leash with an automatic brake. 

Your dog should never be allowed to run away from you on a retractable leash. With SmartLeash, he can't. 



SmartLeash® is the FIRST and ONLY retractable leash that automatically stops your dog when he or she tries to suddenly run or lunge. SmartLeash operates like a regular retractable leash unless your dog tries to run -- then Smartleash locks, quickly, safely and automatically. Like a seatbelt! It stays locked as long as your dog has tension on the leash. When your dog releases tension, SmartLeash resets instantly, ready to protect your pet again.

We gave SmartLeash a bright yellow reflective tape so others can see you and your dog, a comfortable rubberized grip and a convenient push-button manual brake. Every leash comes with a removable reflective wrist strap for added security. Medium and Large models have a high-strength bungee attached to the clasp to absorb the normal stresses associated with walking your dog when the leash is locked.    

Once you try SmartLeash you'll never use another retractable leash again!

US Patent 8,516,979

SmartLeash has a 30 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a

 1 Year Unconditional Warranty

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The Next Logical Step In Leashes 

SmartLeash is a retractable dog leash that protects you and your pet. When your dog tries to unexpectedly run or bolt from you, SmartLeash quickly, safely and automatically locks the leash. SmartLeash then stays locked until your dog releases tension on the leash, providing both you and your dog a worry-free walk once again.

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High Visibility
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