SmartLeash™ - Instructions and Cautions

Instructions for Use And Cautions

Thank you for purchasing the SmartLeash, the most advanced retractable leash in the world. We hope your SmartLeash provides you and your pet with many hours of enjoyment.

Because this leash is retractable, it requires special precautions to reduce the risk of injury. Everyone who uses this leash must read this pamphlet before use. Please save it for future reference.

For a replacement pamphlet or to ask questions, call 1-800-481-2176 or visit

Inspect leash and collar before each use

Before each use, make sure that all parts of the leash and your dog’s collar are in good condition. If any parts of the leash or your dog’s collar are damaged, frayed or broken, do not use the SmartLeash until the damaged items are repaired or replaced. Never allow your dog to bite or chew any part of the leash, including the bungee or leash tape. Biting or chewing the bungee or leash tape may cause it to fail.

Wrist Strap

Enclosed with your SmartLeash is a wrist strap which may provide you added security should you pet unexpectedly run or lunge. The wrist strap is not a substitute for always holding the leash firmly by the handle.

The wrist strap has two ends, one end has a large loop and the other end has a small loop. To attach the wrist strap, pass the strap through the leash handle, then pass the large loop through the small loop so the leash handle is encircled by the strap. Pull the large loop until the strap is tight around the leash handle. Place your hand through the large loop and move the plastic slider towards your wrist until the strap is snug but comfortable around your wrist.

Attaching the leash to your pet:

Attach the metal clasp of the leash to the D-shaped ring of your dog’s collar. Attaching the leash to any other part of the collar can cause it to detach and make backlash more likely. Never attach it to your dog’s ID tag ring. The ID tag ring is not strong and will break! Make sure that the clasp is fully closed and securely attached to the collar D-ring.

Using your SmartLeash

  1. TO OPERATE YOUR SMARTLEASH:  Hold the SmartLeash firmly by the soft rubber handle, never the leash tape. Never grab the tape when attempting to control your dog, instead always use the brake button while holding the leash handle. The leash tape will run in and out freely without sagging. Your SmartLeash will automatically brake if your dog pulls too quickly or attempts to run or lunge. Your SmartLeash will stay locked until your dog releases tension on the leash tape. To keep the leash locked when the automatic brake has activated, immediately press the brake button until it clicks.
  2. TO MANUALLY BRAKE  YOUR SMARTLEASH:  In addition to the automatic brake feature, you can press the brake button down firmly with your thumb until it clicks to manually stop your dog from extending the leash.  The brake will stay locked until you push the button and it clicks again. The brake button functions similar to the button on a retractable pen. Important: When the leash is locked manually using the brake button, the tape will remain at a fixed length.  Keep in mind slack may build up in the leash tape – your dog may run and build up speed until the slack runs out, suddenly pulling you and potentially injuring your pet. The automatic brake feature does not function when the leash is locked manually with the brake button.
  3. The automatic brake feature of your SmartLeash is designed to give an extra measure of security in case your dog unexpectedly tries to run or bolt. It is not a substitute for paying close attention to your pet at all times. If you encounter a situation that may entice your pet to run or bolt, such as another dog or other animal or person, you should immediately manually lock the leash with the thumb brake button until the object of curiosity is no longer present. Always lock the leash manually using the brake button when near moving cars, people, pets, baby strollers or any other source of potential interest to your pet!

To bring your dog nearer, follow these steps and never touch the leash tape:

  • Extend your arm towards your dog and press the brake button.
  • Step toward your dog and at the same time bring your arm to your side.
  • Release the brake button and simultaneously swing your arm towards the dog to retract the slack, and press the brake button again.
  • Repeat as needed.

Detaching the leash

Ensure your dog is fully under control.  Always fully retract the leash so you are next to your dog before detaching the clasp from the collar. This is important to prevent backlash injuries.

What to do if the leash tape gets wet

Pull the tape out of the leash housing as far as it will go and lock the brake.  Allow to dry completely in a place that is out of reach of children.  Once the tape is dry, carefully and slowly retract the leash tape back into the housing. You are more likely to get injured by the tape when it is wet so take caution if using when wet.


Because this leash is retractable, it requires added precautions to reduce the risk of injury. Read these Cautions and Warnings before using your SmartLeash and save it for future reference.
Is this leash right for your dog?  Do not use this leash with a disobedient or unruly dog, since they are more likely to wrap the tape around people or themselves. Train your dog on a regular short leash (6 feet or less) before attempting to use the SmartLeash. Only use this leash with a dog that does not exceed the weight limit for the leash.  If the tape wraps around your finger, hand or other body and your dog pulls on the leash you risk serious injury including but not limited to amputation. If the tape is wrapped around you even small dogs may pull hard enough to injure you.  Follow all precautions even with a small dog!
Who are proper users of this leash?  This leash should only be used by responsible adults who have read and can follow all instructions and warnings.  Anyone who uses this leash must be able to control the dog and watch the dog closely at all times. You must prevent the tape from wrapping around any object or person. Keep out of reach of small children. If children play with the leash tape they could become entangled. Never let anyone play with this leash as a toy.

Consider your surroundings:  You can use your SmartLeash anywhere you would normally go with your dog.  While retractable leashes are designed to give your dog more liberty while on a leash, in some circumstances extra caution is necessary.  For example, if you are indoors, or near people, other animals, vehicles or other distractions that may cause your dog to run suddenly, you should always manually lock the leash with the brake button. In those situations, even with the automatic brake feature of the SmartLeash, you should have your pet next to you, the leash tape retracted and the brake locked with the brake button.  Remember when the leash is fully extended you do not have the same control over your dog. Be aware of traffic and keep your dog under control and close by when walking on the sidewalk or in urban settings. Even though your dog seems under control, with the leash extended he can easily run into the street. (Please refer to paragraph “Injury to Bystanders”).   
Use leash only as intended.  Follow the “Directions” section in this pamphlet.  Never attach multiple dogs to one leash.  Never use more than one SmartLeash at a time.  Never attach any accessories to the leash unless they are sold or approved by SmartLeash.

If your dog’s collar breaks, or if the leash disconnects from your dog’s collar, the  tape and metal clasp can backlash with enough force to cause serious injuries, broken teeth, cuts, bruises, etc., particularly to the face and eyes.  If the tape is under tension, this type of injury can happen even if the leash is locked.  Follow the instructions for inspecting, attaching and detaching the leash in the “Directions” portion of this pamphlet.
The leash tape can cause abrasions, rope burns, or severe cuts.  Cuts and burns are more likely if the tape wraps around a body part.  Avoid contact with the tape and never allow it to wrap around a body part.  Do not allow excess slack in the tape – you may get tangled in the tape.  Do not touch the tape if the tape wraps around you.  (See “Finger Amputation and Fractures”.


If the tape wraps around fingers, a hard pull on the leash may amputate fingers or break bones.  Avoid touching the tape when the leash is attached to your dog and never let the tape wrap around hands, fingers, arms, or legs.  Do not hold or grab the tape to control your dog.  If the tape gets tangled on an object, obtain control of your dog before detangling it.  Do not touch the tape if your dog can pull on it.  To further reduce the risk of hand injuries, you may consider wearing sturdy gloves during leash use.  


Because the SmartLeash is longer than regular leashes, your dog can get farther away from you and closer to distractions or dangers.  If you see a potential distraction, immediately press the brake button to keep your dog from gaining access to it.  If your dog lunges at a distraction, you will be pulled even with the automatic brake feature, which could cause you to fall.  Always maintain a sure footing and be prepared to brace yourself. Use extra caution on hills or slippery surfaces.  If you are using the manual brake, do not allow slack to build up in the tape – your dog may run and build up speed until the slack runs out, suddenly pulling you.  Maintain a secure footing.  Never use the leash while on a wheeled device (for example, a bike, skateboard or roller blades).


Bystanders are at risk of all injuries described in this pamphlet.  In particular, they can be cut by the tape if they contact it or if it wraps around them, and they can become tangled or trip on the tape.  Be aware of bystanders.  Control your dog and keep the tape away from bystanders.  When around other people or animals, shorten the leash and keep your dog at your side with the leash locked.  Avoid using the SmartLeash near small children, especially children in strollers.  If the tape gets wrapped around someone, tell them not to touch the tape.  Gain control of your dog by grabbing its collar with your hand and do not touch the tape if your dog can pull on it.

Do not attempt to open the SmartLeash housing or repair the SmartLeash.  The leash housing contains a strong pre-wound spring that may cause injury if opened.  See Limited Warranty.  Opening the housing will void the limited warranty.


This SmartLeash retractable dog leash (including all parts) is warranted by the manufacturer for a period of one year from the date of purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship as originally supplied by the manufacturer.  This limited warrant is extended only to the original purchaser.  In the event of a defect, either return the product to the place of purchase or send it with your purchase receipt to the address found below.  This limited warranty will not apply to broken, damaged, or frayed leash s caused by misuse or abuse, including but not limited to dog chewing.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, all other warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose, are waived, excluded, and disclaimed.  In no event, regardless of cause, shall IPP LLC  be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind, whether arising from breach of contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or otherwise, and even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

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